Making some everyday viking magic in the snow

If you already follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably already seen me talk about this already, but I think it is very important – especially now that we are in the situation we are in. Many struggle to find meaningful content in everyday life, many feel sad, tired and that it is difficult to keep their motivation up.

I have felt on these feelings too. For me, taking a walk in the nature really helps. Bringing my camera with me to capture some of the magical places and things that can be discovered outside is also something I really love. Taking that perfect photo of something, a leaf, a raindrop, snowflakes, or maybe you meet a wild animal?

I love this particular time of year very much. In Norway we usually have lots of snow and cold weather after New Year’s and I really love that. Also, the sun is showing more and more for everyday. Some days, there are a couple of minutes more each day. I truly am thankful for the sun and the warmth it gives.

Here’s a little video I’ve made on one of my trips outside in the forest. I couldn’t resist playing a bit in the fine, powdery snow.

Hope you’ll enjoy my everyday magic!

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