Vendeltidsdagarna at Uppåkra, 2018

So, this is a bit of a throwback, but as I am going through a lot of my pictures these days, I realized I never posted pictures from Vendeltidsdagarna at Uppåkra, not from either of the years I’ve been there.

I hope my series of post from previous markets and events can help you find some inspiration to make something cool and new for your living history gear. Be it a new garment, a tent or something else. All crafts, big or small, are so so valuable right now. I can’t wait to see you all very soon in a near future… Hopefully.

Vendeltidsdagarna is an amazing event held at Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center outside Lund in Sweden. Uppåkra was a very important place during the Vendel period and a lot of archaeological artifacts have been found at the site.

Christian and his Valsgärde 8
Thomas is waiting for the parade to start…
Christofer and his Valsgärde 6 and David and his Valsgärde 7

The following pictures will be of Björn and his kit from Melsted-Sandhusen grave 2, Bornholm.

In the following pictures you will see David Huggins and his Valsgärde 7 kit. His belt buckle is the Åker buckle from Norway and the spear is Vendel 12.

In the following pictures you will see Tobias. His shield is based on Valsgärde 7 and Gotland and the spear is inspired by a find from Gotland.

There were so much to look at at Uppåkra, so many talented craftsmen and women were showing their kits and garments.

Details of the Sutton Hoo sheild
Details of the Sutton Hoo sheild
Details of the Sutton Hoo sheild
Sutton Hoo shoulder clap
Sutton Hoo shoulder clap

The shoulder clasp was found at the Sutton Hoo burial site near Woodbridge, Suffolk in England. It is an Early Anglo-Saxon creation made of gold, millefiori glass and garnet. Millefiori is a glasswork technique used to make a flower looking motif. The pattern consists of alternating glass and garnet inlay cells. This pattern is featured on the main rectangle of the piece and bordered by garnet depictions of interlaced animals on all sides. The rounded ends of the clasp shows overlapping boars made of garnet and glass. The clasp is constructed using a technique called cloisonné which means that the glass or gemstones are separated by a piece of wire set edge ways on a metal backing.

The Uppåkra beaker

Beautiful work by Dave Roper. He is making “pressblech” the old way.

Photo by Matt Bunker.

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