Leikvin viking market, 2019

Today it would have been 54 days until the first event of the season. Sadly, this event and a lot of other events this year have already been canceled because of this pandemic we have over us. It is a bit sad to think about, but also we just have to accept it and move on and look forward to 2021. Now that we all have some extra time on our hands, I had some time to go through some old photos. I realized I never posted the pictures I took at last years Leikvin viking market. Let us all enjoy some photos from last years season and work extra hard on our gear until we see each other again in real life!

Leikvin viking market is located in beautiful Sunndal. The market is surrounded with very high mountains and waterfalls and it is lush and green everywhere. The market is small and very nice and cozy. It’s worth a trip next year if you really want a special, low-key and mind-blowing experience.

We make a lot of food together as a group when we are at events like this. Everyone knows how to make something delicious. When the food is ready, we eat together and enjoy the company.

We made some historical bread as well. These are pea-bread found in Birka. They are very delicious with butter.

Sometimes for breakfast you really crave something specific. One morning I really wanted pancakes. We didn’t have a whisk so we used a new whisk make out of wood. The pancakes turned out great.

I hope you are good! Stay safe and stay productive!
– Tonje Årolilja

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