Borre viking market, 2016

Here are some pictrures from Borre viking market.

Brit Elin found some clams


My favorite Swedes having lunch on the beach

Summer flowers freshly picked from a meadow are my favorite

You can let yourself have some small secret pleasures.

Beautiful Austėja. Did you know that this name derived from the name of an ancient Lithuanian bee goddess?

I think Ingrid wants a kiss from Even, or she is showing him a pimple ❤

Okay. So this need some explaining. There is a very popular viking game called Lokedrag. This is when two men tie a rope around their balls and it’s the first one to pull the other one over a mark. So, this is the ladies version. Boob pulling. They had a rope tied around one breast and they pulled… I haven’t seen this been done after this party actually!

Our first be sexy and show your leg picture tradition.

Thanks for a wonderful market!

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