Mid-winter blot at Österhus vänner, 2012

Trondheim vikinglag was invited to participate in the Viking winter games and the mid-winter blot with Österhus vänner in Jämtland. There was fun and games, competitions, blot, feast and a huge party. It was very cold, all the way down to 37 minus degrees Celsius, but we had a lot of fun anyway.

We arrived at the place we were going to stay and sleep for the night. The next morning we could really see how cold it was. There were beautiful frost roses on the window when we woke up.

After breakfast we started our journey towards the long house where we would spend the rest of the day and evening. Because of the cold, we all looked like winter princesses. At least Brit Elin looks like one.

To get to the island on which the longhouse was located, we had to take an ice ferry that went around the clock so that the ice would not freeze completely.

The longhouse lay completely undisturbed in a forest by itself.

Österhus vänner had their own sign with the name of the longhouse – “Österhus”.

The place looked great. The longhouse was located in a forest with no houses around. They even had their own longhouse outdoor toilet. 

Det var utrolig koselig inne i det flotte langhuset som de hadde bygget opp ute på øyen.

Thank you sooo much for the invitation. We will be back next year!

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